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Welcome to the ATS product page.

ATS (Active Traction Service) Performance Parts distributed by ATS USA.



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ATS has been developing performance parts since 1995 to enthusiasts all over the world. Its race proven drive train parts are especially well known throughout the performance industry.

Previously we were authorized to distribute ATS products commencing in July 2008 and has become the exclusive North American distributor of the ATS products in 2009 under the name of Performance Partners International. The company's name has been changed to Active Traction Service since 2017..

The present theme of ATS is "The Harmony of Comfort & Performance". The heavy clutch pedal and noisy LSD are things of the past. ATS products offer performance improvement without sacrificing the driver conformability.

We are introducing the following products from ATS:

* ATS carbon / metal LSDs - Limited slip differential. A must have item for a better traction, faster lapping time, and drifting. The carbon LSD has evolved to Spec II, Spec III and Spec IV. New for 2012 is Carbon Hybrid LSD and Carbon LSD spec V(five) for Honda FF. The applications for Carbon Hybrid LSD have increased significantly in 2013.

* Carbon clutches - ATS carbon clutches have unparalleled torque delivery and excellent engagement characteristics. The current version is Spec II. Our Carbon Hybrid Clutch and Full Carobon Clutch made its debut in 2013 and in 2014 respectively..

* Carbon blade clutches - Released in 2014. ATS carbon blade clutches, which are stock-compatible, can provide a superb performnace with a reasonable cost. No pull-push conversion is required. The Super Blade (pull-push conversion is required) was added in March 2015.

* Metal clutches - Special clutch disc transfers more torque and lighter flywheel produces crisp engine response. More applications in Jan, 2013.

* Performance gears
- Shorter final gears and close ratio gears derive the MAX performance from the engine

* Racing coolant vest & neck
- A unique material provides comfortable driving in a hot weather

* Magnetic drain bolt - a very strong 3,500 gauss, neodymium magnet with an adhesion strength of 2.8kg removes a greater amount of iron particles inside differential oil. Excellent heat resistance!!

ATS is constantly striving for new & better performance products. We will be promoting and selling all the new items from ATS as soon as they become available.

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