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ATS Carbon LSD Spec II, Spec III, & Spec IV / Metal LSD Spec II

      Super high response carbon LSD & tougher / more durable metal LSD
spec2 Lsd

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ATS carbon LSD Spec II

ATS carbon LSD Spec II offers an incredible throttle response both for acceleration and deceleration. Spec II responds on your throttle movement with virtually zero time lags, which improves your lapping time. In addition, the excellent qualities of ATS carbon LSD like ultra smooth engagement and quietness are intact and the Spec II provides superb traction on wet conditions and on slippery surface. A must-have item to win the race!!!

The secret of this lightening fast response time is a newly designed & structured coned shape springs. The initial torque is raised to 10kg and the torque is maintained longer than the previous generation carbon LSD..

The concept of Spec II has been developed from the ATS carbon LSD for Nissan 350Z [Kinoshita Spec]. The Spec II will be available to almost all the carbon LSDs. The spec II is highly praised by our professional driver, Mr. Kinoshita, who was involved in the development from the start to finish.

Price: same as the standard carbon LSD

ATS metal LSD Spec II

ATS also released metal LSD Spec II. The metal LSD Spec II maintains the initial torque significantly longer than the current metal models. ATS has been sponsoring Evo 10 with the metal LSD spec II for all Japan Gymkana series.

Currently metal LSD Spec II is mainly offered for competition use. For a quiet street driving, ATS recommends a super silent LSD or a carbon LSD.

ATS Carbon LSD Spec III & Spec IV

The initial torque has a very close relationship with the LSD's responsiveness to your throttle and steering input. ATS carbon LSD Spec II has made the incredible response possible by increasing the initial torque to 10 to 11kg. Spec III and Spec IV further raise the initial torque to 15kg and 20kg respectively.

The higher initial torque also dramatically increases the vehicle stability at the braking (2 way or 1.8 way). You may think a very high initial torque might cause an under steer. That is correct in the case of the metal LSD. However, another virtue of the ATS carbon LSD is that a higher initial torque does not produce under steer as much as the metal LSD.

ATS carbon LSD spec IV is sold as the special order. Please call us if you have an interest in spec IV. Please note that the carbon LSD spec III and spec IV are not available for all models.

Parts # of Spec II LSD - A letter "H" is added after the disc diameter number on the standard LSD's. A letter "G" and "F" are added for Carbon LSD Spec III and Carbon LSD Spec IV respectively.

Nissan 350Z Old Carbon CNRA109160 Carbon LSD Spec II CNRA109H160
  Old Carbon CNRA109160 Carbon LSD Spec III CNRA109G160
Honda S2000 Old Carbon CHRB9510 Carbon LSD Spec II CHRB95H10
  Old Carbon CHRB9510 Carbon LSD Spec IV CHRB95F10
Subaru STi Old Carbon CSFB9510 Carbon LSD Spec II CSFB95H10
Mitsubishi Evo Standard Metal MFB8780 Metal LSD Spec II MFB87H80