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ATS (Active Traction Service) Company Profile

ATS was established in October, 1995 by people who had extensive knowledge and experience in domestic formula car racing from the era of FL500. The primary mission of the ATS was to provide an ideal LSD (Limited Slip Differential) to the racing industry based on the enormous research and development.

Since then, ATS has been providing its LSD to and supporting the activity of more than 200 top class Japanese professional and amateur race car drivers. The category of the racing activity varies from the endurance race, sprint race, autocross, rally and to the drag racing. The extensive data gained from the racing activity are used for further research and development to improve the existing products and to invent new products.

The product line has been expanded to racing clutches and brake system. In 1999, with the cooperation with ACROSS Co, a world leading carbon producer, ATS started marketing carbon clutch and carbon LSD. Recently, ATS has added pistons and cool down series to its product line. ATS products are a favorite choice of many street car tuners and shops as well as professional race drivers.

Since 2009, ATS has been emphasizing "The Harmoney of Comfort & Performance". ATS's new clutches offer a lighter pedal effort than the stock and noiseless operation of its LSDs provides comfortable performance driviing.

After the closure of ACROSS Co, ATS formed a new partnership with CFC Design to manufacture the world class carbon performance products.


ATS Japan
5315 Haga, Kitakku, Okayama-shi, Okayama
701-1221 Japan

Website www.a-t-s.co.jp