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ATS Temper Shot (Shot Peening)

Shot peening is the process of blasting an object with very tiny shots. The process compresses and hardens the outer layer of the object. Depending on the process and the object the shot peening is applied to, the strength of an object could increase by 30 % to as much as 400 %.

ATS has been providing its shot peening to very selective formula Nippon and other popular race teams for the many years. ATS also is happy to provide the same service to individual racers and to the general public. There are many companies in the world which can provide the similar service. Then, what makes ATS shot peening (ATS Temper Shot) different. Simply put, not all shot peening processes are same. Some of them are more economical but may not provide intended strength, others might be expensive but can do the trick you desire. We believe ours is one of the best available in the market and our quality is backed up by the repeated requests from actual race teams year after year.

So if you are looking for more strength and durability of your racing parts or if you are not completely satisfied with other company's shot peenig, you may want to consider ATS shot peening. We call our shot peening "Temper Shot".

Tempershot brochure -- Click here

Popular application of the shot peening

1) Gears, final gears, final pinion
     Example - Ring & Pinion (final gear) for S2000 / Integra / Civic
                   - 1st, 2nd -- 5th gear (countershaft / mainshaft side)
2) Drive shaft, side flange
3) Connecting rod, piston, piston ring, crank shaft

Please note that ATS temper shot is applied at ATS Japan. PPI does not have the facilities. Consequently, the product has to be shipped to Japan for the application and shipping charge will be applied.