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ATS Carbon LSD upgraded in December 2007
Carbon LSD disk (w/ inner edge)
Metal LSD disk (w/ outer edge)
lsd disc
lsd disc
Since December 2007, ATS has been using newly designed internal disks for the ATS Carbon LSD. The new version provides 1) More adaptability to many LSD oils from different manufacturers; 2) increased durability and an extended oil change interval.

1) More Choices for your LSD Oil

ATS has tested the Carbon LSD with over 20 different LSD oils. The following oils are considered to be functioning well with the ATS Carbon LSD. [We highly recommend genuine ATS LSD oils for our use.]

The oil clarity remains within a specified range and the LSD functions normally without any chattering noise or any change in the locking characteristics upon the oil temperature change.

Brand Name Viscosity Brand Name Viscosity
BP X9140S 80W 140 WAKO'S HG250R 80W 250
BP X9118S 75W 90 WAKO'S HG140R 80W 140
Newtech UW76 75W 140 Omega 690 85W 140
Neo Hi proof shock 75W 140 Omega 690 75W 250
Neo RHD 75W 90 Omega 690 75W 90
A.S.H 250R 85W 140 Redline   80W 140
A.S.H FSE E spec 75W 140 Motul   75W 140
TOTAL Pro R 75W 140 Motul   75W 90
RESPO Le Mans 80W 140 Sunoco   80W 140
Oberon F-808 75W 140 REPSOL   80W 140
Oberon F-808 mineral 85W 140 Subaru Stock   90W
Estremo   80W 140      

2) Big improvement from a special coating

The “Carbonitriding” coating achieves the optimum balance between the carbon chips on the disks and the surface of metal disks, which will result in excellent longevity of the life of your metal disks.

Our new metal disk has two grooves on the surface in order to eliminate any dust particles. With the grooves, particles are efficiently removed thus will not contribute excessive friction any longer.

The two factors above that contribute to the effectiveness:
● Huge reduction of iron particles
● Longer life of the LSD oil (your oil change cycle for the Carbon LSD becomes the same as for a metal LSD)
● Prevention of a negative impact on the locking performance due to the change in the oil temperature
● Prevention of early wear of the bearings and final gears
● Prevention of backlush change