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ATS Super Blade Clutch

We are very sorry this product has been discontinued.


With damper springs and carbon friction disc, the Super Blade Clutch is very easy and gentle to your car.

The Super Blade Clutch is a comination of the popular standard blade disc (with damper springs) and the ATS aluminum clutch cover & light flywheel. A very similar product was test marketed in several countries a few years ago from Carbonetic. The concept is same. ATS has just perfected it.

Gentle to your car

The carbon disc has dmper springs which reduces the impact and noise. No need to warry about the load to the transmission or to the engine. The 3 blade carbon disc produces a very smooth shift. Slipping the clutch is easy and compfortrable (however we do recommend limiting the slipping the clutch in a short period. Extented slipping might warp the pressure plate)

Torque Delivery & Pedal effot

With the use of 1,000kg clamping force, the pedal effot is lighter than stock for most of the cars and can deliver up to 35kg.m torque. A highre clamping forece (either 1,300kg or 1,600kg) is available and it can provide a proportionately higher torque capacity with a heavier pedal effort.

1,300kg ---- 410HP, 44kg.m (318lbf)
1,600kg ---- 500HP, 52kg.m (376lbf)

Stable Torque Delivery

ATS carbon does not slip even at a low temperature. The clutch is very durable and little risk of fading & bursting of the facing.


The Super Blade clutch is more ecnomical than the standard Single Carbon Clutch.

Choice of the disc

Currently it is available only in single disc.



please click for the application list

Current appliaction  
Honda DC2, EG6, EK9, DC5, CL7, EP3, FD2, NSX
Mitsubishi Evo 4-9
Subaru GC8, GDA, GDB, GH8, BRZ
Toyota FT86
Mazda RX7, RX8, Miata NCEC 6MT
Nissan S14, S15, GTR 32, 33, 34, Skyline R32, 33, 34, Z33