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Drifting with Carbon LSD Spec II

D1 Grand Prix and ATS carbon LSD

The effectiveness of the ATS carbon LSD in the D1 Grad Prix was proved by Mr. Toshiki Yoshioka who drove Toyota AE86 from the Team Droop 2 years ago. The excellent stability on the slippery surface and the superb controllability on high speed drifting in the rain - those were the results only ATS carbon LSD could achieve.

The research & development was continued intensely to further improve the carbon LSD. In 2009, the ATS carbon LSD achieved a significant progress toward a perfect LSD. ATS was able to improve the response time on your throttle movement dramatically. This improved LSD was supplied to Team Droop AE86 and Mr. Hibino (D1 Driver ) who drove this AE86 kept producing excellent results in D1 Grad Prix both in 2009 and 2010.

In July 2010, ATS decided the time had come to release this new LSD to the public. The new one has been named as Carbon LSD Spec II.

**** The Spec II keeps the original carbon LSD's smoothness and quietness intact and provides the much better response to your throttle and steering inputs. The LSD reacts instantaneously on your throttle movement. The car with Spec II carbon LSD feels that the differential is constantly locked and provides super stable drifting control. From the straight line, the start of drifting, and to the exist of a corner, Spec II carbon LSD works wonders.


A Drifting Impression with Carbon LSD Spec II by an ATS staff

Place:    Shigehara Race Track (Chiba Prefecture)
Date:    September 25, 2010
Driver:    Mr. Sakuda - ATS sales
Vehicle:    Nissan Skyline ER34 w/ RB25DET 280HP AT
Tire:    Sport Radial 215/45 18 The remaining ridges (treads) are very low
Condition:    Fine after heavy rain. The road is very wet.

● There was a lot of water on the surface
● I felt the significant improvement of Spec II over the previous version on the traction the ER34 had on the exit of every corner with the much faster locking process.
● The car had so much momentum on drifting from a corner to the next corner. The level of the stability was amazing considering how wet the track was. It was as if the ER34 had much wider and stickier tires.
● The best characteristics of ATS carbon LSD - ultra smooth & quiet process from the open to the lock was intact. The car maintained the stable drifting angle even with several throttle movements.
● The Spec II worked very well with the suspension with a longer stroke. I felt a great synergy between carbon LSD spec II and good suspension setting.
● There was not much change on the vehicle control when the surface started to dry. Just I could increase the drifting speed with drier surface.

** Spec II is being replced with Spec III and Spec IV for the further improvement in performacne. Or choose our new carbon hybrid with the initial torque 12 to 13kg.m